Water Main Breaks at UCSD Warehouse in Miramar

The water main broke around 9:22 a.m.

A water main broke in a UC San Diego warehouse in the 7800 block of Trade Street Sunday morning, according to the San Diego Fire Department.

The water pressure was so strong against the warehouse doors it turned on the alarm, according to management. 

The water was shut off by the City about 30 minutes after the call came in to management.

"My coworkers called me around nine o'clock, saying we've got a water main break and the water's up about two, four inches on the floor in the whole warehouse, and we needed everybody, all hands to come in," Armando Escobodo, moving service coordinator for UCSD told NBC 7. 

The 160,000-square foot warehouse (of which 60,000 square feet flooded) is now drying out, and most of the damaged property, including lab equipment and office supplies, has been removed. 

The damage will be assessed next week. 

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