San Diego

Volunteers Clean Tons of Waste and Debris From Shoreline

At the bottom of the ocean, you'll find just about anything.

Volunteers pulled out boats, tires, shopping carts and even a trapped octopus during the annual “Operation Clean Sweep” at seven locations in San Diego County Saturday. 

Hundreds of people hit seven locations across San Diego to clean up our local parks and waterways.

“We got a few interesting things: a boat, a swim step, a lot of lobster traps that were cut and abandoned,” volunteer Jack Driscoll told NBC 7.

Driscoll and the other volunteers know the importance of keeping the shoreline clean.

“We depend a lot on the water for the economy and for our food and everything,” he reminded.

In Chollas Creek alone, volunteers removed more than a ton of waste.

"We just do this because this is our park for the community,” volunteer Arturo Herrera explained. “Our kids play soccer here, they play many sports, and we try to save this place clean and look nice for all the kids."

Last year, operation clean sweep volunteers removed more than 13 tons of waste and debris. They say they will keep coming back until they don't have to do this anymore.

“This is my home,” Driscoll said. “This is my dad's home and his dad's home and I want to continue for it to be this beautiful city that we have and take care of it."

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