Video of Deadly Gas Station Shooting Released

Ahmed Hassan Mumin was bound over for trial in the deadly April shooting at a Clairemont gas station

Surveillance video from inside a Clairemont convenience store shows the deadly confrontation between a concealed gunman and a customer shot during an April robbery.

The video, played in court, was part of the case brought against Ahmed Hassan Mumin, 30, by the district attorney in a preliminary hearing Tuesday. A judge determined there was enough evidence to bring Mumin to trial. 

In the video, 48-year-old Eric Schade is seen standing at the check-out counter of the AM/PM at Balboa and Mount Abernathy avenues, talking with clerk Jose Aguilar when a man walks in with a bandana covering his face.

Aguilar immediately puts his hands in the air and then puts the cash register drawer on the counter before ducking behind it, out of view. Schade and the intruder stand face-to-face for about 30 seconds.

“He was yelling, 'Get down!'” said Aguilar, the first witness to take the stand Tuesday.

Schade appears to try and grab the gun or swat it away moments before the gunman pulls the trigger.

“I stayed down," said Aguilar. "Periodically I’d look up to see what was happening. I hear a struggle, then a gunshot. I look up again and see the male is reaching for the money. I look down, and then I hear him leave the store.”

Aguilar identified Mumin as the shooter in court, saying even though he had a bandana covering his mouth and nose, it dropped during the robbery, allowing the clerk to get a look at the defendant's face.

Mumin, arrested two days later in a City Heights apartment complex, is charged with murder with a special circumstance allegation that the killing happened during the course of a robbery. He is also charged with burglary, robbery, possession of a firearm and ammunition by a felon and attempted murder of a police officer.

The last count stems from his April 18th arrest, when he allegedly shot at SDPD officers from inside a community room at the apartment complex where several family members lived. 

Two police officers fired back, and one bullet injured Mumin, who then surrendered. Several SDPD officers and detectives also took the stand Tuesday to talk about the details of the case and the arrest.

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