Family Fights Off Home Invader

A homeowner fought off a robbery suspect down a flight of stairs and into the kitchen, grabbed a kitchen knife, stabbed the suspect and held him until police arrived.

San Diego Police say the suspect climbed into the second story bedroom window of a home on New Salem Street in Mira Mesa at 9 a.m. Friday. Using a screwdriver, the suspect confronted the couple inside and demanded cash.

"He asked for their money, he asked for  their car, he told them not to call  police and to be quiet, " said Lt. David  Nisleit of the San Diego police  department.

The homeowner fought off the suspect eventually stabbing him several times with a kitchen knife. While the pair fought, the woman in the home called police. The couple's 20-year old son woke up and helped his dad pin down the intruder. A 3-year old girl was sleeping in the home at the time.

When officers arrived, they arrested the suspect. He may have also been involved in an attack on a pedestrian three hours before the home invasion occurred. Officers are investigating the possible connection.

Both the homeowner and his wife suffered stab wounds. The suspect suffered life threatening stab wounds to his chest and stomach.

Mari Carr, the couple's 18-year old  daughter, was in school when she got a  frantic call from her brother.  "He said that someone broke into our  house and that my parents fought them off  and that there was blood all over our  kitchen," said Carr.

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