Vibrant, Colorful Mural Unveiled at New Children's Museum

Since the mural is facing Front Street, the colors of the mural will appear in different spaces of the museum's space as the sun sets and rises

Artist Regan Russell stands before his new mural "Energized" at the New Children's Museum in Downtown San Diego.
New Children's Museum

A colorful, brilliant new mural was unveiled Thursday at the New Children’s Museum that has a fitting name – “Energized.”

Luminous hues of cool and warm tones revitalize one of the museum’s large windows to give visitors a visual exploration of colors and light. Created by local artist Regan Russell, the 28-feet-by-13-feet art piece features different shapes and designs to capture the eye.

“As a child, you’re drawn to color, you associate abstract things like emotions with color,” Russell said in a statement. “I want to have the same epiphanies.”

For the project, Russell, who is this year’s artist-in-residence for the Innovators LAB, studied the sun’s movements to capture the colors of his piece in different lights.

Since the artwork is facing Front Street, the colors move throughout the space as the sun rises and sets.

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