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Veteran Marine Accused of Robbery Released from Mexican Authorities in Tijuana

The statement emphasized concerns over Yeager's need to resume treatment due to his PTSD and addiction issues.

A man who served as a rifleman and scout sniper with the U.S. Marines has been released by a Mexican judge after being arrested in Tijuana.

His sister Tracy Yeager issued a statement Monday that a Mexican Judge ordered the immediate release of her brother, Tyler James Yeager, 39, from custody.

“On behalf of her family, Ms. Yeager would like to thank the Mexican authorities for their courtesy and professionalism in this matter, the staff of the U.S. Consulate General in Tijuana, Montel Williams and his team as well as Tyler's attorney in Mexico, Fernando Benitez whose willingness to get involved was invaluable," said the statement.

Yeager's need to resume treatment due to his PTSD and addiction issues was emphasized in the statement.

"Mr. Yeager badly needs to resume treatment for his addiction and PTSD, and Ms. Yeager is committed to supporting her brother in ensuring he gets the help he needs," continued the statement.

Yeager was arrested on April 23 and charged in connection with a violent robbery with a gun, said Mexican officials. He was caught outside a Tijuana home that had just been robbed.

The Attorney General's office in Baja was investigating to determine if Yaeger was involved in those robberies as well.

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