USS Carl Vinson Crew Rescues Sailor Alone at Sea

A 70-year-old man sailing alone across the Pacific Ocean was rescued by a U.S. Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier returning home to San Diego.

USS Carl Vinson rescued the man Sunday from his 35-foot sailboat, 400 nautical miles from Hawaii.

Using a satellite phone, the man sent a text to his wife asking for help. That message was relayed through the U.S. Coast Guard, Pacific Fleet Command and the U.S. 3rd fleet.

The sailor, who had spent a month on his boat, was airlifted by the crew of a MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter including two search and rescue swimmers.

Once the helicopter landed on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier, the rescued mariner was treated by Navy medical staff.

He was said to be in stable condition and would be airlifted to San Diego in the coming days.

The USS Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group returns to San Diego Thursday after a 10-month deployment supporting strike operations in Iraq and Syria. 

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