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‘Uncharacteristic for August' Marine Layer Brings Clouds, Sprinkling to San Diego Thursday

The cooler weather and sprinkles will impact parts of San Diego County Thursday -- but not for long

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OK, is it June (Gloom) or August here? Judging by the gray skies blanketing San Diego County Thursday, it’s a bit hard to tell as an “uncharacteristic for August” marine layer makes its mark.

NBC 7 meteorologist Sheena Parveen said early morning clouds were “locked in” across the region Thursday, bringing a few sprinkles to parts of San Diego County and even a stray shower or two to the coastal areas.

What is the marine layer? Why does it happen in San Diego? NBC 7 meteorologist Sheena Parveen explains and also shares insight on "forecasting frustrations" experienced by meteorologists when talking about the marine layer.

The National Weather Service in San Diego called the marine layer drizzle seen over the county since Wednesday and into Thursday “uncharacteristic for August.” On Twitter, the agency quipped:

“People who love summer want to know who jinxed it by getting their car washed recently?”

The August gloom may last a little while at San Diego’s beaches.

“Some of the cloud cover near the coast may be stubborn today with some partial clearing,” Parveen explained.

But inland, maybe not so much.

Parveen said inland areas will see more sunshine later in the day.

As we head into the weekend, Parveen said it’ll be comfortable inland – in the 80s – which is unseasonably cool for this time of the year in San Diego County.

“We'll see gradual clearing each day with cooler than normal high temperatures inland,” she explained.

But San Diegans may want to enjoy the cooler weather for now, because it’s not going to last long.

By next week, a warm-up will bring temps back up into the 80s at the coast and 90s inland.

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