‘Tony Hawk Day' Proclaimed in City of San Diego

Every May 29 will now honor the skateboarding legend

Let it be known, May 29th shall henceforth be filled with kickflips, ollies and all manner of skateboarding in honor of a San Diego cultural icon.

World-famous skateboarder Tony Hawk got his due Thursday -- not just for his accomplishments in the skate park, but for his philanthropic work as well.

"We proclaim May 29th to be 'Tony Hawk Day' in the city of San Diego," announced City Councilmember Lorie Zapf said as skateboarders flew up and down behind her at Robb Field Skate Park in Ocean Beach.

Hawk, who has grinded his way into 12 World Championships and 16 X-Game medals, told the crowd skateboarding in San Diego has come a long way since his humble beginnings, when it was “the furthest thing from cool you could do,” he said.

"So to see skateboarding come so far and especially to see San Diego embrace it -- I mean, this skate park has been here a really long time; it was one of the first public parks -- it's a testament to San Diego and the belief they have in our culture,” said Hawk.

On top of being an ambassador for the sport, the-man-the-myth-the-legend Hawk also created a foundation to help build parks for underserved youth.

To date, the Tony Hawk Foundation has raised more than $5 million to fund 544 skate parks in every state, including one in City Heights and another in Linda Vista.

Recently, the Del Mar native's nonprofit donated $80,000 for new parks in the City of San Diego.

"I just want to say again to Tony, thank you for everything you're doing for our youth here in San Diego,” said Mayor Kevin Faulconer. “Thank you for continuing to step up. You make a huge difference, Tony Hawk.”

Hawk has also lent his board skills and beyond to the American Red Cross, Charity Water and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

But what should one do to properly commemorate every May 29 from here on out?

"I never expected a Tony Hawk Day,” Hawk confessed. “I can't imagine what you're supposed to do on Tony Hawk Day. Being a father, I guess you're supposed to get up, take your kids to school, try to squeeze some skating in before they get out, and then teach them the proper ways to kickflip, hopefully."

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