ATM Rejects Thieves' Withdrawal Attempt

San Diego police are looking for four suspects they believe tried to steal an ATM.

It happened at the Fresh and Easy store in Point Loma at 3:45 Thursday morning. 

Police said they used a rock and broke the front door.  Then, they attached a cable to a stolen Chevy Suburban and tried to drag the ATM out, but were only able to remove the cover of the machine.

Store manager Steve Carlin said, "All they did was expose the bottom part of the safe, of the ATM that is."

The cable broke and the suspects took off, abandoning the ATM and hopes of any cash.

Carlin said, "This is not the first time I've seen this happen at a store, it's happened to me before. Nobody gets anything out of it, we get damage in the store and we have to clean it up."

 Police said the suspects ditched the Suburban a few blocks away.  They are now looking at surveillance tape that caught the whole incident on camera.

 Employees moved the ATM and opened as scheduled at 8 a.m.

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