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The ‘Fatal 15': San Diego's Most Dangerous Intersections

Fourteen of the 15 most dangerous intersections are south of interstate 8.

A local group released the list of San Diego’s most dangerous intersections Wednesday as it pushes for improvements to the so-called “Fatal 15”.

Circulate San Diego, a non-profit focused on safer neighborhoods, streets, and intersections says the "Fatal 15" are the intersections with the highest number of pedestrian injuries and deaths since 2001.

You can see a map of the intersections here.

University and Marlborough avenues in City Heights takes the top spot with 18 injuries during that time. Four of the top five most dangerous intersections involve some stretch of University Avenue.

“Sometimes they come right on you, they just want to kill you,” said Abal Faeq, who walks the area often.

Fourteen of the 15 most dangerous intersections are south of interstate 8.

Almost all of the "Fatal 15” fall in areas where foot traffic is heavy leading to higher percentages of possible vehicle vs. pedestrian collisions.

But advocates for safety improvements don’t think that’s a reason to stand by and do nothing.

“That’s crazy, just because there’s more people walking does not mean people should be getting hit and killed by cars,” said Jim Stone, executive director of Circulate San Diego.

Circulate San Diego is asking the city council to make three safety improvements to all of the intersections on the list:

  • Put broad stripes inside the cross walks increasing visibility for drivers
  • Make sure they crossing signals beep
  • Upgrade the pedestrian signals to a countdown instead of just the traditional flashing red hand so people know how much time they have to reach the other side.

Circulate San Diego estimates the improvements would cost about $200,000 and should be a priority in the city’s budget for the next fiscal year.

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