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Suspect Attempts to Steal Computer in Rancho Penasquitos Home Invasion Robbery

One victim called police and identified the suspect as a neighbor

A man was taken into custody, accused of breaking into homes in the Rancho Penasquitos area, San Diego Police (SDPD) confirmed.

The incident was reported around 4:30 p.m. on Del Diablo Lane, in a neighborhood west of Interstate 15, just north of State Route 56.

A mother and her daughter had just returned home, police said. They left the garage door open and went upstairs. 

When the mother came back downstairs, she spotted a man wearing a bright blue shirt climbing through a window on the first floor, police said.

She yelled at the man and then went back upstairs to call 911, police said.

There were no injuries.

Police said the man left the home with a laptop walking through the garage, closing the door behind him.

Just minutes later, a man was taken into custody less than half a mile away near Penasquitos Drive and Del Diablo Way, San Diego police said.

A man wearing a bright blue shirt entered a home through a broken garage window, police said.

He entered the laundry area where he confronted the resident and demanded money.

The victim and a roommate called 911 and reported they believed the suspect to be a neighbor.

Police said the man allegedly threatened to stab the victims but left without money or any stolen items.

The man was taken into custody, police said. They have not released his identity.

No other information was available.

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