Suing Over Construction

A La Jolla homeowner thought he was buying the "best of the best"


When Osama Alkasabi saw the Seahaus condo complex being built five years ago, he knew he had to live there.

"I thought this was the Beverly Hills of La Jolla, the best of the best,” said Alkasabi.

He loved the scenic view of the Pacific Ocean so much that he paid roughly $3 million for two condominiums at the complex located in the heart of Birdrock.

But Alkasabi says over the past few years, he has noticed serious problems with the construction.

"Drainage issues, plumbing issues, electricity issues," he said.

But the biggest problem involves the laminated wooden beams that support the 138-unit complex.

In pictures shown to NBCSanDiego, some beams along walkways and decks appear to be splintering, warping and rotting.

"These beams were constructed by what they call parallel strand lumber, which is a bunch of thin pieces of wood that are glued together and that creates the beam,” said attorney Chris Morris.

He represents 20 homeowners, including Alkasabi, in a class action lawsuit against the builders of SeaHaus La Jolla.

Morris claims the beams were damaged by water during construction, and he accuses the builders of trying to hide it.

"These things were constructed during the rainiest year on record in San Diego, and these things (beams) were left outside and they went in wet," Morris said.

Alkasabi is worried the water damage goes further than just the walkways and decks.  He believes the entire complex may be unsafe.

"I believe the builder should come back to us and say "I dropped the ball" and I'm going to fix it, I'm willing to pay," said Alkasabi.

Since Wednesday, NBCSanDiego has tried to contact the attorney represent La Jolla View LTD., LLC, the company that created and built Seahaus, but our calls were not returned by Paul Delmore.

In a statement made to our media partner, Delmore said quote: "Any claims of fraud or negligent misrepresentation are without foundation and are baseless."

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