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Flooding Wipes Out Man's Pilates Studio and Connected Apartment

The cleanup continues for a Golden Hill Pilates studio owner days after last week’s storm flooded his apartment that doubles as a popular Pilates studio.

Bruno Bosardi’s Body Alchemist studio is on hold for now as he spends his days cleaning up the muddy mess left behind.

What little carpet there is, is soaked with water. The rest of the floors are covered in mud. His refrigerator along with other appliances and equipment were tossed around like toys.

“It pulled everything down,” Bosardi said. “Coming in here, I couldn’t believe what happened. I was thinking, ‘This is my life.’" 

Bosardi, who’s been instructing Pilates for nearly 30 years, might actually be lucky to have his life considering how high the watermarks are on his walls.

“It got this high!” Bosardi exclaimed, pointing to a line on the cabinet about 5 feet off the ground. “It was up to here.”

He says, fortunately, his landlord warned him not to come home that night so he slept somewhere else.

“If I would have not left I probably would have passed away. That garage door, the water, the pressure of the water folded it inside out,” he said.

Between damaged gyro machines found floating in more than 2 feet of water and other machines rendered nonfunctional, Bosardi, estimates the damage at more than $75,000.

While friends have started a GoFundMe page for Bosardi, he says the money raised won't help replace mementos like pictures and other personal items he’s lost.

Bosardi said a gutter near his home failed and stormwater that came roaring down B Street flooded his home and studio.

Bruno says the city came to clean the drain after the storm. A spokesperson for the City of San Diego sent a statement that reads in part, "The City of San Diego has a robust year-round maintenance program of inspection, cleaning and repair of its storm drains, pipes and infrastructure."

While clean-up continues and repairs are made, Bosardi has a good group of friends and family helping him out with a place to stay.

Friends have also organized two fundraisers to help him get back on his feet: One at the Lamplighter in Mission Hills on December 18, and another on Dec. 29 at the Coronado Playhouse where Bosardi also works.

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