Some Restaurants Add Surcharge to Offset Minimum Wage Increase

San Diego' minimum wage is now 11.50 an hour. The $1 hike went into effect January 1, and many local restaurants are taking action.

Some businesses are introducing, for the first time, an average surcharge of three percent of the meal's cost to help cover increased labor expenses.

Restaurateurs believe diners would better tolerate a charge at the end of the bill than to hike prices on the menu.

"I think we should pay as customers, only because businesses go through so much, especially now in San Diego with rent being so high. I think if we put a little extra then it'll help out others,” one San Diegan told NBC 7.

Another restaurant-goer named Meredith disagreed.

"No, I think they should pay for it, the restaurants itself should pay for it. The restaurants yeah, they make enough money."

San Diego voters approved the minimum wage hike last June. It comes after California voted to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022.

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