Southern California Olympian: ‘My Sole Purpose in Life is Proving People Wrong'

Ashley Wagner says age is just a number and it's not going to hold her back from her dreams

You've heard it said "age is just a number," but typically the quote refers to a number much larger than 26.

At 26-years-old, Ashley Wagner is out to prove she can still compete with the teenagers who dominate the world of figure skating.

Wagner recently told NBC 7 about her response to the critics who say she is too old.

"My sole purpose in life is to prove people wrong so good luck with that," said Wagner. "But honestly, age is just a number and I think for female athletes specifically, it is so easy for people to focus on our age."

Wagner, who has lived and trained in the Los Angeles area for the better part of the past decade and now considers herself a true Southern Californian, has changed up her training routine to compliment her age. She incorporates more plyometrics and cardio into her schedule and as a result, feels stronger than ever.

"I've seen girls come and I've seen them go and I'm still here. I think the fact I believe so much in my dream is why I've had so much longevity in this sport," said Wagner.

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