Smugglers Fire on Agents During Drug Seizure

Border Patrol in the act of seizing more than 100 pounds of marijuana were shot at by a drug smuggler across the border.

About 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday night near State Route 94 in Campo, border agents came in contact with a pair of suspected illegal immigrants, officials said. The officers were able to take one of the suspect, a Mexican national, into custody, but the other person escaped over the border. Agents believe that the suspect who fled shot at them three times with what is believed to be a small-caliber handgun.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, investigators said.

After the shooting, the agents found two backpacks and a small suitcase with 27 separate bundles of marijuana. Officials said the 116 pounds of drugs were worth about $93,000.

Border Patrol officials said that they found three other makeshift backpacks about seven hours later. They contained about 200 pounds of marijuana.

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