Barrio Logan Favorite Missing Dine-In, Tourist Customers

Restaurants are going on week three of trying to survive on to-go orders

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A normally bustling and vivacious Logan Avenue in Barrio Logan is quite the opposite at this time.

Few businesses are open and folks like Luis Santana and Luis Santana Junior, owners of El Carrito Restaurant, are trying to survive on to-go orders.

The Santana say they've already had to let go of 10 employees.

We are down to two people on a day-to-day basis. Before that, say on the weekend, when we are really busy we had seven.

Luis Santana Jr.

El Carrito is more than just a restaurant. It has been around for nearly 70 years and is a part of Barrio Logan's history. With the recent extension to the Stay at Home order the restaurant's future, like many other businesses, is in jeopardy.

For businesses in Barrio Logan, the economic impact is two-fold. Not only are they missing out on their regular customer's business, but they are missing out on tourist dollars as well. The Santanas are applying for the city's Small Business Relief Fund in hopes it will buy them more time.

We are doing to-go, and pick-up orders. It is hard, but we are not going to quit, and keep on moving forward.

Luis Santana Jr.

According to the City of San Diego, as of the close of business Monday, they have received 5,800 applications for financial help from small businesses. The loans and grants will be handed out to those approved first come first serve.

NBC 7's Gaby Rodriguez spoke to some North Park businesses about how the fund could help them in the coming months.
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