Sex Trafficking Victim Empowering Others

Morgan Stacy said she was sexually abused beginning at the age of 4

A San Diego girl who was a victim of sex trafficking beginning from childhood is speaking out in hopes of empowering other girls.

Morgan Stacy, 19, was sexually abused by her stepfather and then sold for sex to other men from ages 4-8.

“When it happens to you as a kid, you don't know it's wrong,” she said. “It's like it's normal.”

The abuse didn’t stop there. When she was 18 years old, a man took her in as she faced homelessness. He told her she didn’t have an option, saying “I know there's no one there who's going to look for you or care where you are.”

Stacy was gang raped, then sold at conventions and events all over the South. She said she usually encountered 10-15 men a night, who rarely used protection.

“My spirit and soul would leave and I would just float away,” she said.

Meanwhile, Stacy somehow stayed in high school and graduated.

“It was hard and I almost quit but I knew that it would be the only thing that no one could take away from me, my education,” she said.

She now lives at the Generate Hope shelter in Bonita. Her goals are to finish college, publish a collection of writings and one day, open a nonprofit of her own, focusing on female empowerment.

Stacy says she's forgiven her stepfather, who only got four months in jail and she also believes men need to be educated, otherwise the cycle will continue.

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