SDG&E Tests New Solar Technology


Local energy company workers broke out their knee-high boots Friday and participated in the first solar energy installation of its kind in the United States

The technology is unique: instead of the normal flat panels used to hone the sun’s rays, this technology sits upon a pool of water. The purpose of the water is to serve as a coolant for the photovoltaic cells to improve efficiencies and to serve as a natural level for the technology.

The installation begins an 18-month demonstration which researchers hope validates the new solar technology for potential broad commercial uses.
“The increased use of renewable energy is critical to meeting the state’s environmental goals and San Diego is at the forefront of solar and other green technology development,” said Hal D. Snyder, vice president of customer relations for SDG&E.
While it may look good now, the installation isn’t fully operational just yet—but when it is later this year, the resulting 20 kilowatts of solar-generated electricity will be used on site at SDG&E’s Mission Control/Skills Training Center.
According to Pyron Solar, the new technology has the potential to cut solar power costs by more than half, as compared with typical commercial rooftop flat-panel photovoltaic systems.
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