Saying No to Single Use Plastic Water Bottles

Grocery store banning water bottles

As a businessman, Jimbo Someck says refusing to carry single-use plastic bottles in his grocery story may raise some eyebrows.

"If we look at it strictly from a financial perspective," said Someck, "it's not a smart thing to do."

Someck says plastic water bottles are major movers in a grocery store. But the owner of Jimbo's Naturally Market says this is not a decision about money.

"I think that more people understand what's happening in our oceans and how plastic is hurting our environment," said Someck.

So in his new Del Mar Highlands store, you will only find water bottles made from glass, aluminum, and cardboard. You'll also find a water filling station where filtered water is available to customers for free.

Recently a survey conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California announced that 90% of Californians think plastic pollution is a problem for the future of the state. That's prompted groups like CALPIRG to push for legislation to cut down on single-use waste.

"We know how hard it is to eradicate our use of plastic on our own truly," said CALPIRG Executive Director Emily Rusch, "We really do need companies and entire industries to be coming together and figure out alternatives."

Someck says water bottles are a start, but he knows much more needs to change to cut back on plastics throughout his store.

"At some point, somebody has got to get the ball rolling, and we feel that it is part of our responsibility."

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