Santa Ana Wind Warning Issued for San Diego

A high wind warning has been issued for Southern California over the weekend for a short but strong period of Santa Ana winds, the National Weather Service is reporting.

While much of San Diego will see stronger winds, areas east of the mountains and in the foothills should get gusts strong enough to kick up debris, according to the advisory.

Friday morning winds were in the 40 mph range, but could reach up to 65 mph by 10 p.m.

The high gusts are expected to diminish before noon Sunday, NWS officials said.

Anyone heading east or traveling through the mountains or into the East County may encounter dangerous driving conditions throughout the weekend, the advisory noted.

NBC 7's Jodi Kodesh said that while the winds in the mountains make the coast look more attractive, inexperienced swimmers should enjoy the view and stay out of the water.

The swimming conditions will be dangerous starting Friday. High surf was at five to eight feet Friday and could reach 10 feet by Saturday, she said. The rip current will also be strong.

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