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San Ysidro Residents Concerned Over Water Quality

The drinking water supply has been shut off at the school. Water supply at Smythe Elementary School and San Ysidro Middle School has also been turned off as a precaution

San Ysidro residents are concerned over possible contamination of their water, after lab results revealed high levels of lead, copper, and potential deadly bacteria in drinking water at the nearby La Mirada Elementary School on Thursday.

The drinking water supply has been shut off at the school. Water supply at Smythe Elementary School and San Ysidro Middle School has also been turned off as a precaution. Students are being provided bottled water at those three schools.

Although there are no confirmed reports of contaminated water in nearby San Ysidro homes, some residents said they have a lot of questions about the water that comes out of the faucet.

"Sometimes the color changes when I open my faucet. It's not clear, it's like white," said resident Celeste Pereyra. "So we asked the place where we live and they say it's normal."

Several people NBC 7 spoke with said they also noticed discoloration in their water.

But a water department spokesperson said the drinking water quality in San Ysidro meets standards. The isolated issues of residents spoke of could be caused by compromised pipes in homes and apartments.

Some residents who have lived in area for years said the water is fine. Still, others said they are more comfortable drinking bottled or filtered water.

“We don't drink from the faucets, we buy our own water and then when I wash in my apartment, I have to make sure it's clean, because one time it was yellow," Pereyra said.

"I've always had a filter on my water, and then I re-filter it through a canister. I had a medical issue one time, and I decided I didn't want that issue again," said resident Pat Maloney.

Others told NBC 7, they would feel more assured if their water was tested for any problems.

“My house is maybe like a block away," said resident Adrian Gonzalez, speaking of La Mirada Elementary School. "So I would like to get the water tested in my house. I have five kids. It's dangerous."

But the city said if residents want to test the water coming from their homes, they will have to pay for a private testing service."

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