SDPD: Email to LA Schools Mentioned San Diego

County education officials want to stress that no direct threat was made to local schools

San Diego was mentioned in the threat to Los Angeles Unified School District, police confirmed Wednesday, but county education officials say the email did not make any direct threats to local schools.

On Tuesday, more than 640,000 students were sent home from LAUSD schools after an email was received by a school board member. The source of the threat remains unknown but federal officials have deemed the email to be a hoax.

On Wednesday, a Los Angeles television station posted the full text of the email.

While San Diego Police spokesperson Lt. Scott Wahl could not confirm the version of the email posted online, he said SDPD was notified of the reference to San Diego. However, it was determined not to be a credible threat, he added.

Still, SDPD decided to be extra cautious and assign officers to all San Diego-area schools to make sure their presence was known, Wahl said.

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) wanted to stress that San Diego schools were not named.

“Some media are reporting there was a threat to San Diego schools, which is inaccurate. The threat made to LAUSD does not call out local schools. In fact, the San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center notified us yesterday that there weren't any credible threats to the San Diego region. Additionally, we had no reports from any of our districts of any threats made directly to our schools.”

A spokesperson for San Diego Unified School District sent NBC 7 a statement from San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer:

"Unlike Los Angeles and New York City, a threat was not sent to San Diego officials. The email, which focused almost entirely on Los Angeles, referred to San Diego in passing along with other Southern California cities. The San Diego Police Department and San Diego Unified school police did not believe the message posed a credible threat, but in an abundance of caution provided extra patrols at local schools. San Diego law enforcement will continue to coordinate with state and federal officials and remain vigilant.”

San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) and other schools in San Diego County operated as normal Tuesday. SDCOE echoed the stance, releasing the following statement Tuesday morning:

"As of 8:30 a.m. this morning, the San Diego County Office of Education is not aware of any threats to any school district in San Diego County."

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