San Diego Residents' Water Use Drops 24 Percent in June

San Diegans’ saved more water in June than the state’s mandated 16 percent water-use reduction requirement, water officials announced Wednesday.

Residents’ water consumption dropped 24 percent last month, exceeding the state-mandated amount of 16 percent ordered by Gov. Jerry Brown on April 1.

“The June reduction shows that San Diegans continue to be statewide leaders in water conservation, and they should be applauded for doing their part during this ongoing drought,” said Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer in a statement. “But June is just the first month of many in which we are being asked to conserve. As we enter the hot summer months, we can’t let up. The best way to keep your water usage low is to reduce outdoor watering to two days a week.”

The city’s current regulations, which ask residents to limit sprinkler systems to two days a week and five minutes a day, started in June. The City Council adopted those mandatory restrictions starting July 1. 

The challenge going forward will be maintaining those savings through Feb. 2016, the city said. 

The City could be fined up to $10,000 per day for failing to meet the state’s mandatory water use restrictions.

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