San Diego Ranked Among America's Hardest Working Cities

America's Finest City ranked No. 20 in a study released by the NYC Comptroller

San Diego may be home to year-round sunshine, vacation-worthy beaches and lots of outdoor recreation but a new study also says it’s one of America’s hardest working cities.

The NYC Comptroller released a study Wednesday showing the hardest working cities in the United States based on the typical weekly work hours for employees, plus the weekly commute time getting to and from work.

San Diego ranked No. 20 on the list, with 42.12 hours worked weekly, plus 3.58 hours of weekly commute for a grand total of 46.10 total hours worked per week.

Of course, America’s Finest City isn’t alone on the list. The study found that the No.1 hardest working city in America is New York City (49.08 total hours worked per week), followed by San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Other cities on the list that ranked higher than San Diego include, in order: Ft. Worth; Chicago; Boston; Dallas; Philadelphia; San Jose, Calif.; and Los Angeles.

The NYC Comptroller study also found that lower-wage workers have longer commutes since they often can’t afford to live in the areas near work.

The check out the full study, click here.

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