San Diego

San Diego Police Did Not Use Excessive Force on Woman Bit by K-9: Court

The woman was bit by a police dog after she accidentally triggered the burglar alarm at her work place.

A federal appeals court ruled that San Diego police did not use excessive force when they released a police dog that bit a woman who had fallen asleep at her office.

In a ruling on Tuesday, a majority of an 11-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal rejected Sara Lowry's lawsuit against the city of San Diego.

Lowry triggered the burglar alarm when she fell asleep at her office one night in 2010. Responding police released the dog, which bit Lowry's lip.

The 9th Circuit said police followed the dog closely and quickly called her off, limiting Lowry's injury. It also said the officers reasonably concluded that a burglary might be in progress.

An email to Lowry's attorney was not immediately returned.

A smaller 9th Circuit panel last year sided with Lowry.

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