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Casting Call: XIV's New Video Stars SD

XIV plot a local extravaganza for their new music video -- to be filmed at the Kensington Club

Local music, local film, local DJs, Derby Dolls, and burlesque dancers all in one place -- OK, maybe two places, but all in Kensington.

XIV lead singer Kelly Samuels and her trip-hop band (pronounced "X-I-V," not "fourteen") will be teaming up with local film production company GSO Productions to promote its movie, "66 & Nowhere," and film the single off the band's latest album “Iota.” 

Directed by Eric McClanahan, "66 & Nowhere" was shot in San Diego with a soundtrack composed of all local bands like Transfer, Jason Hanna & the Bullfighters, Cash’d Out and Sunday Hustle -- to name a few. It premiered at Landmark Ken Cinema this past February and is scheduled for a second showing at the Ken on Thursday, April 20 at 7 p.m.

After the film, stroll a couple doors east to the Kensington Club for a free after-party with live performances by XIV along with Jason Hanna & the Bullfighters -- oh, and the filming of a music video?

“At about 9:30, we’re going to load in everybody that we can get in and we play the first track [from 'Iota'] 'Breakdown,' which is the release that we’re doing for the music video,” Samuels explained. “Everybody in the audience, basically, is agreeing -- via general waiver -- to be a part of the music video [laughs]. So all of our wide shots will be happening that night. We’ll be in on Thursday during the day, doing some of the close-ups and story-line shots.”

Samuels continued:

“It’s a really cool energy to have going. This local San Diego production company with the film, the local San Diego bands, the local spots, all of the support we’ve been getting locally -- we’ve gotten stuff donated from San Diego Stage and Lighting, so we’ve just been reaching out to everybody. We’re hoping to have a couple of Derby Dolls down there, we’ve got burlesque performers, we have all kinds of characters coming in from the San Diego scene. Different DJs and musicians are going to be basically doing cameos in the [music video] scenes: It’s gonna be wild!”

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