Truck With 2 Tons of Frozen Fish Spills on Highway

Truck packed with frozen fish flips on the highway, spilling thousands of pounds of cargo.

A woman was hospitalized after a box truck packed with frozen fish smashed into the back of her car Thursday along Interstate 5 near La Jolla.

The collision happened around 1:30 a.m. near the La Jolla Village Drive exit on I-5.

California Highway Patrol officers were first alerted to a stalled sedan on the highway.

Seconds later, official say a truck smashed into the back of the car and flipped over, spilling frozen fish all over the highway.

CHP blocked off all lanes for a time to clean up approximately 4,000 pounds of fish.

The truck driver walked away from the crash.

Firefighters had to cut open the sedan to pull out the woman who was rushed to a nearby hospital.

CHP said the woman was conscious and aware but they didn't know details on how badly she was hurt.

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