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San Diego Family Seeks Justice After Hearing for In-Custody Death Delayed Again

Families are frustrated that Dr. Von Lintig's preliminary hearing is now delayed until June

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Elisa Serna, 24, died at the Las Colinas Detention Center and Re-Entry Facility in Santee in November 2019.

Nurse Danalee Pascua and Dr. Friedericke Von Lintig have been charged in the death of Serna, who fell ill and later died at the jail in Santee.

Both Pascua and Dr. Von Lintig have pleaded not guilty.

Dr. Von Lintig had a preliminary hearing scheduled for Monday, but it was postponed three months due to a necessary witness not being available.

“We are seeking justice and every time justice is delayed, justice is denied,” said Yusef Miller, North County Equity & Justice Coalition Executive Director.

The family of Elisa Serna is frustrated with the delays in court proceedings.

“Today was actually a big day. I think it has been delayed already and pushed back about three, four, or five times. So, the preliminary hearing is a very important to hear, not only for our family but for the other impacted families plus for the community to know and see the truth,” Paloma Serna said.

The Serna family maintains that they want the wheels of justice to move quicker because they believe the trial will reveal evidence that supports their allegations.

“The video evidence will show the public how my daughter Elisa was neglected and what caused her death,” Serna said.

Serna is one of 16 people who died in custody in San Diego jails in 2019.

Sabrina Weddle is the brother of Saxon Rodriguez, who died while in custody in San Diego Central Jail.

It's important to hear the details of each in-custody death, Weddle said.

"I’m here today to support Elisa Serna’s family. Not only do the nurses and the doctor need to be held accountable but the deputies that were also there while Elisa was there in-custody," said Weddle.

Serna hopes her daughter's case is the last she will be speaking out about.

"We need justice for all families and it’s sad to say, even for maybe future deaths," Serna said.

Dr. Von Lintig’s preliminary hearing is now scheduled for June 26.

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