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Chula Vista Couple Welcomes Quadruplets

A family of two just turned into a family of six

A Chula Vista couple welcomed quadruplets home from the hospital this month. The odds of this happening is one in 800,000.  

Imagine changing four diapers, preparing four bottles and waking up with four babies all at the same time. 

That just became a welcomed reality for Marcela and Isaac Morales-Osuna of Chula Vista, who gave birth to three girls and a boy this month. 

"It's just pure happiness and we're over the moon," said Marcela. "It's indescribable." 

The babies, named Marissa, Marcelo, Ivanna, and Isabel weighed four to five pounds each at birth. 

The quadruplets were born through C-Section the morning of June 6 at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital. Marcella said her pregnancy was smooth with no complications. 

"We're just so happy," said Isaac. "It's something that we've wanted for so long." 

Both parents are calling them their miracle babies.

According to the most recent statistics released from the CDC, quadruplets occurred in fewer than 250 births out of more than 3,000,000.

The Morales-Osunas struggled for two years to get pregnant. It finally happened in October through intra-uterine insemination. 

"The doctor said, 'You're going to have quadruplets,' and I was like, 'Where can I sit down?" said Isaac while laughing. "The nurse asked if I was okay." 

"I couldn't talk, I was just staring at the monitor like, 'How am I carrying quadruplets?'" Marcela added. 

The quadruplets are eating from bottles. Whatever they don't finish is given through a feeding tube. They are currently in the hospital and need to gain a bit more weight before they can go home. 

Follow the family on their journey through their website or on their Instagram page. 

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