San Diego School Counselor Honored at White House

One San Diego counselor received a big honor at the White House Friday.

Tawnya Pringle, a counselor at Hoover High School, was one of five counselors invited to the White House. She was honored as one of the top five 2015 School Counselor of the Year finalists by First Lady Michelle Obama and actress Connie Britton.

The ceremony marked the first time school counselors were honored at a White House event dedicated to their work.

Pringle said the experience was humbling and was one of the “most amazing times of my life.”

“Being a school counselor runs through my blood and my veins and it just doesn’t end when I walk through the door at home,” Pringle said. “I have a passion and it’s been there ever since I entered college at San Diego State because I wanted to give children a voice when maybe they wouldn’t have one and to be an advocate at the school with teachers and helping the parents out too and their families.”

Winners were picked based on their creative school counseling innovations, effective counseling programs, leadership skills and contributions to student enhancement, the White House said.

The winners were chosen for creative school counseling innovations, effective counseling

The ceremony was part of the First Lady’s Reach Higher initiative. Reach Higher is a program dedicated to inspiring students to take charge of their future through education.

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