San Diegans Not Used to Wild Weather

Spotty showers, thunder and lightning captures our complete attention whether it its on the road or in our house

Mission Bay is a Fourth of July destination park.

Escondido resident Robert Snowden and his wife ventured out for a walk in the rain Wednesday evening to pick a party spot for this weekend.

"We will be prepared we have awnings, umbrellas whatever it takes," Snowden said.

Marvin Riggs and his wife are visiting from out of town. They've already found a spot and brought the party with them.

"I'm a 65 degree person. As long as you are not caught in it. It's just atmosphere," Riggs said. [[311030921,C]]

It seems no matter the expectations visitors and residents are finding the good in this week's wacky atmosphere.

Even Craig Wilkerson, who has to work in the elements delivering pizza, sees a silver lining.

"Travel sucks but it makes it better because everyone stays inside and orders more pizza," Wilkerson said.

For those who have been just bearing with the spotty showers and mugginess, they may be pleased to learn conditions this weekend aren't expected to be like the last two days.

Jodi Kodesh’s Morning Forecast for Thursday July 2, 2015
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