Woman Bloodied in Pit-Bull Attack

A woman out walking her small dog was attacked by a pair of pit bulls Monday in South Bay.

Lawrence Kijanka, 30, told the San Diego Union-Tribune, that he and another good Samaritan rescued the screaming woman, who was on the ground with her dog on Jefferson near K Street in Chula Vista. The attack took place at about 6:30 a.m. and involved a pair of pit bulls.

"I ran outside in my sweat pants and saw a woman on the ground with blood on her forehead," Kijanka told the paper.

Chula Vista police spokesman Bernard Gonzales confirmed that the attack had taken place, saying that the woman told investigators she picked up her dog when the animals approached and became aggressive. He said the woman then either fell or was pushed to the ground by the dogs, and she was bitten on her arms and possibly on the legs. The bites are not believed to have been severe, Gonzales said.

The dogs were later located by animal control officers, who took them to an animal shelter. No decisions have yet been made on what will happen to them, Gonzalez said, adding that the dogs' owner has been informed about the attack.

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