Agencies Participate in San Diego Maritime Training

Yearly comprehensive training allows all agencies to check emergency maritime procedures before they are needed.

Mission and San Diego Bay will be busy for several days despite the slightly colder weather.

The crowded waters are a result of the annual Regional Maritime Public Safety Exercise taking place between April 25 and 28. The exercises allow local and federal agencies to practice trained responses to potential maritime threats.

More specifically, exercises are used to practice techniques necessary in the case of international drug trafficking, radiological material in the water, foreign fighter threats and other suspicious activity, explained Jane Andreasik, a Public Information Officer for the City of San Diego.

The four-day exercise allows the agencies to better understand how effective and prepared they are should a maritime threat ever arise. Agencies can also develop better communication and response strategies during this event.

Successful exercises and plans have the potential to impact not only coastal towns but also inland communities.

“While this specific scenario deals with incidents on the waterfront, threats can be trafficked through the maritime channels and impact the broader region,” explained Andreasik.

Two of the eight local agencies involved are San Diego Fire and Rescue Department and the San Diego Police Department while the National Guard, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the U.S. Coast Guard are only a few of the federal agencies taking part in the training.

Even though this extensive training is only once a year, departments across San Diego participate in small refresher courses throughout the year to cover topics other than maritime risks, according to Andreasik.

“The City of San Diego and regional partners are working tirelessly every day to keep residents safe,” said Andreasik.

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