Ramona High Star Leads Nation In Scoring

Lacrosse player Ashley Wright scored more goals than anyone else in the USA

When you think of lacrosse, no one can blame you if your mind automatically wanders to the East Coast. But if you’re looking for the nation’s leading scorer in girl’s high school lacrosse, look no further than the north county.

Ramona High School varsity lacrosse player Ashley Wright didn’t just lead the nation in scoring, she dominated the competition. The 18-year old senior wrapped up her lacrosse career with 127 goals in 23 games this season. But she’s isn’t a selfish player. Wright finished second in the county for assists with 31 as well.

Leading the Bulldogs to their first ever CIF Championship game appearance (they lost 8-7 in overtime to Pacific Ridge), Wright set herself apart on the field not just with her scoring prowess but leadership capabilities.

“She’s like a coach on the field. She’s really, really knowledgeable about the game and plays club lacrosse in the off-season. She’s very generous about sharing that skill and that knowledge with the other girl’s,” said Head Girl’s Lacrosse Coach Jim Bliss.

Bliss started the varsity CIF lacrosse team in 2009 and credited Wright with motivating her teammates saying, “She’s very demanding of her teammates and herself. Herself first, but she’s demanding of the team and the girls in a very leader like of a way where she wants them to do well.”

Added Assistant Varsity Lacrosse coach Alexandra Cavell, “When I see Ashley and the position that she played and the diversity of her positioning and how she can play both attack, obviously she’s dynamite as a goal scorer, but she’s actually just as dynamite on the defensive side.”

You would think Wright would be swamped with full-ride scholarships to play lacrosse for various schools across the country. But like many Division 1 women’s athletics, full-ride lacrosse scholarships are rare. While she did receive offers from schools around the country Wright wanted to stay close to home and be able to graduate from college financially stable. So Wright is heading to California State University San Marcos to study Kinesiology. But her lacrosse days may not be entirely over.

“I actually want to ref in it or become a coach. I feel like I would really have a good time and enjoy helping others. I help the JV team, I help the younger girls. I feel as though it’s just my second nature,” said Wright.

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