Rain Makes Way for Potholes in San Diego

In 2015, a report found that San Diego's roads were ranked the eighth roughest in the nation.

Although the rain is much needed in San Diego, along with it comes the issue of potholes.

In 2015, a report released by TRIP, a transportation research company based in Washington, D.C., stated that San Diego's roads were ranked the eighth roughest in the nation.

The City of San Diego launched an effort to fix 1,000 miles of streets over a period of five years. A reported by Cartegraph Systems Inc. released in 2016 showed that the condition of local streets had risen by more than 20 percent in the past several years.

It was the city's first assessment since 2011.

But San Diego residents are still concerned over the numerous potholes that still make for a bumpy ride on many local roads.

"They're terrible. They need to be fixed in this town," said Leslie Bently, a resident of La Jolla.

Like many other residents NBC 7 spoke with, Bently said she was worried the potholes were messing up the alignment on her car.

"There are too many of them and we're not doing enough to fix them," said Del Sur resident Roger White.

"My sister was visiting from Georgia and she said 'why are your roads in such bad condition?'" La Jolla resident Rebecca Jorgenson said.

The City says it recognizes the issue but they can't fix potholes without knowing where they exist. They have set up a hotline and a website where residents can report potholes.

Many drivers told NBC 7, they were not aware of such a program but would make use of it from now on.

To report a pothole, click here or call the hotline at (619) 527-7500.

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