Padres Make Just One Trade Deadline Deal

Pitcher is returning to San Diego after one start in Miami

In a bit of "now that doesn't happen every day" news the Padres have swung another deal with the Marlins to bring back right-handed pitcher Colin Rea.

Rea was part of a deal consummated on Friday, July 29 that also sent pitchers Andrew Cashner and Tayron Guerrero to Miami for four players. But Rea had to leave his Marlins debut the next day in the fourth inning with an elbow injury. He was subsequently placed on the 15-day disabled list. After that happened Miami called up Padres General Manager A.J. Preller.

"They brought it back to us [asking] is there a way to rework the deal and do something that makes both sides feel good?" said Preller. "We stated our position, they stated their position and ultimately as you go back and forth the best way to handle this is for both clubs to get together and say, OK this makes sense for us going forward. That's what we did."

The Padres will send minor league pitcher Luis Castillo, who was included in the seven-player deal, back to the Marlins in return. All the other players involved will stay with their new teams.

Rea is a candidate for elbow surgery, but the Padres are unsure exactly how bad his elbow issue is yet.

"He's seen a couple of doctors but doesn't really have a diagnosis yet," said Preller. "He got an MRI earlier in the day today (Monday). We'll read the MRI and we'll get him back here to San Diego tomorrow and get him with our doctors and find out the severity of the injury."

The Padres were not looking to trade Rea but were overwhelmed by the Marlins offer and made the initial transaction so they were open the idea of bringing the young right-hander back.

That trade is the only one the Padres made before the MLB trade deadline. Preller says they did field calls on several of their catchers, most notably catcher Derek Norris, but decided not to make any deals.

"We view Derek as a quality player and we have a set value that if we were going to get to that amount and anything short of that we were very happy to go forward with Derek."

It is still possible for any player to be moved during August in a waiver wire deal. Norris and outfielder Jon Jay (once he recovers from a broken arm) would be among the candidates who could still be moved.

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