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Oceanside Neighbors Fed Up With Man's Trashed Lot

The Oceanside Police Department has been called to the home more than 80 times in the past year

At all hours of the day, people living on Chauncey Road in East Oceanside say they hear loud noises and yelling coming from a neighbor’s home.

Oceanside Police have been called to the house 86 times in the past year for everything from reports a man was throwing furniture out upstairs windows, to incidents where the man was poking holes in the stucco. The man has been charged with several misdemeanors, but police say his actions aren’t usually criminal.

According to court documents obtained by NBC 7, the man living in the house is Christopher Fore. Fore’s parents, now deceased, owned the house, which is now tied up in probate court. Neighbors, who did not want to be identified for safety reasons, say after his parents’ deaths a couple of years ago, Fore moved back in. Neighbors say ever since then their lives have been disrupted while the house is being destroyed.

Water service at the house has been turned off. The electricity was also cut, although police say Fore figured out a way to rig the house to turn on the lights. The problem was, the cables he used ignited, causing a fire, and prompting city officials to take action.

A red tag is now posted on the boarded-up garage that says the property is unfit for humans to live in. It was placed there by code enforcement officers in February after a judge signed an abatement warrant forcing Fore out of the house.

Neighbors say Fore was back within days. He gained access to the house and now lives inside with a woman and two pit bulls. He acts erratically and destructively, according to neighbors.

A representative from the city attorney’s office told NBC 7 they applied for and got another abatement warrant to remove Fore from the house. The city also plans to get a temporary restraining order to keep Fore from returning. If he does, the restraining order would give police the power to arrest him.

Neighbors say it can't some soon enough.

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