Not Just ABC's, ‘A Through G'

On SDUSD's board agenda: a plan to adopt a rigorous college-prep curriculum for all students

More cuts could be on the way for the San Diego Unified School District.

Last week, the board’s meeting was a marathon session lasting almost 12 hours. Board members made big strides in closing the $63 million budget gap. But even with a laundry list of cuts, the district still hasn't reached its goal.

Now, board members will look at those budget figures in more detail at the 5 p.m. Tuesday meeting.

The visual and performing arts programs were saved, along with athletics. Also, six small schools will not be closed, and the Balboa Park, Old town and Palomar Mountain programs will be saved.

But class size will increase for gifted program, ninth grade English classes, as well as kindergarten through third grade. More students will have to ride on a bus, and lunch was increased by 25 cents, among other cuts.

Next on list -- a reduction of school counselors, and teacher concessions, which the union says it is not willing to make until accurate figures are in.

Also on the agenda is a plan to adopt a rigorous college-prep curriculum for all students.  The plan that would offer what's called, the "A through G" course sequence. This is an intense college-prep curriculum required to attend a UC or CSU school. Right now not all students have equal access to these courses.

Some say not only should students have access to these courses but they should be required to take them to graduate. Others are concerned making the classes a requirement could water the courses down or cause some students to drop out.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which argues the courses should be made available to all students, is organizing a rally at 4 p.m. and would like to see parents, teachers and students there to show their support.

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