New Study Suggests Three Simple Habits Will Slow Coronavirus

The study said washing hands, social distancing and wearing masks consistently will make a difference in slowing the spread of COVID-19

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Until we find a vaccine or additional treatment, a new study published in the PLOS Medical journal suggests 3 key habits that people must practice to control the spread of COVID-19: wearing our masks, washing our hands and social distancing.

Elżbieta Ruczkowska, a manager at Earth Elements in Little Italy, told NBC 7 business was picking up at the wellness boutique. The store sells crystals, sage and sound bowls, among other things.

“We are busy, praise God. We're picking up our business, so that is fantastic,” said Ruczkowska. “These old traditions that we used for thousands of years, could come handy. I’m not saying they’re gonna heal anyone but they will definitely support any and everyone.”

Ruczkowska, when told about the study, agrees that getting back to the basics is of utmost importance.

“I’m not a scientist but I believe so. In Europe because the discipline over there was a little bit better, a lot of countries have opened already,” said Ruczkowska.

The study was based in the Netherlands but researchers said it is applicable to western countries. It did not account for demographics, reinfection or the possible exposure of those caring for quarantined COVID-19 patients at home or in a health care setting.

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