City Heights

New Mural Celebrates Diversity in City Heights

The Union of Pan Asian Communities' youth created a mural that is the epitome of what City Heights is all about... resilience

The next generation has made their mark on City Heights by painting a spectacular mural that represents diversity throughout the community. 

The mural is a vibrant display of flowers, different languages and hands holding up the Earth, which presents a city. After a whole month of hard work on the artistic masterpiece, it was revealed Tuesday, April 5.

The children had the help of Jose Venegas, an artist from the Union of Pan Asian Communities’ “Writerz Blok” graffiti arts program. Venegas was able to help make their vision come to life. 

The City Heights mural during the creation process.

The artwork can be found on the back of a building off University Avenue near 54th Street. The mural will continue to stand as a celebration of the diversity and resiliency of the youth in the community, according to the UPAC, while making an inviting space in the neighborhood to bring everyone together. 

The Blue Shield Promise’s Community Resiliency Workgroup funded this project in order to help reduce mental health stigma and encourage help-seeking behaviors, all as a part of their plan to promote health and wellness.

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