Vista Woman's New Freezer Fiasco Comes to Cool Resolution

A Vista woman came to NBC 7 Responds for help with a failing KitchenAidfreezer

Karen Payne said she knew she had found the perfect refrigerator for her new Vista home the moment she saw the platinum KitchenAid model in the catalog.

Karen made the purchase last January but by September 2017, she noticed something unusual when she took out some soft ice cream from the freezer.

“I took it out and I am going, this is not right,” Karen told NBC 7 Responds. ”I also noticed that I wasn’t getting any ice that was being made in my ice maker.”

Karen called Whirlpool, the maker of the KitchenAid brand, to have someone come out.

A service technician soon came to her home and replaced a digital board for the unit’s computer.

But Karen said the new board did nothing to solve the problem.“No improvement at all. And, no ice cubes, still no ice.”

Karen said she called back a few days later. Whirlpool sent another technician out, this time to replace the ice maker.

“They replaced the ice maker. He said, ‘within an hour or so, you know, you’ll be getting ice cubes.’ Two days later, three days later, still no ice cubes.”

Karen said she was back on the phone with Whirlpool. She said the company ordered a new compressor for her refrigerator. But there was a backlog and she had to wait.

She waited three months when she said she got a call from the technician. It was the wrong part. Karen got back on the phone.

“I said, ‘I want a new refrigerator, this is ridiculous. No, we won’t do that. If we can’t fix it, you know after we’ve tried everything to fix it then we’ll give you a new refrigerator.”

She said Whirlpool promised to expedite the compressor in order to fix it once and for all.

But once again, Karen said the wrong part was delivered.

That’s when she turned to NBC 7 Responds for help. We reached out to Whirlpool and a representative called Karen the following day.

“[They] said, ok fine, well if we’ve already replaced the ice maker, he said it’s not going to do any good to replace it again, you’re still not getting ice, how about if we order you a new refrigerator.”

“The next thing I know, they are giving me a brand new refrigerator.”

A spokesperson for Whirlpool sent NBC 7 Responds the following statement, “We regret that Karen Payne had a difficult experience in resolving an issue with her appliance. We are pleased to have come to a resolution that she is satisfied with. We stand behind our products and encourage anyone who has questions about their Whirlpool appliance to reach out to us at 866-698-2538.”

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