More Layoffs Loom Over Oceanside

The Oceanside school district will warn 30 employees about possible layoffs. Another 86 will be notified that their hours may be cut next year, according to our media partner, the North County Times.

The school board voted Tuesday night to send out the preliminary pink slips. These slips are just a warning to teachers about the possibility of a layoff, it doesn't necessarily mean they will lose their jobs.

Also on Tuesday at the meeting, district officials introduced their proposal to begin charging for busing this coming fall. That's including the $360 per-year cost for most parents.

The 115 total employees who could potentially lost their jobs or end up with fewer hours include librarians, clerks, custodians, security guards and assistants.

These measures are part of the district's plan to cut $12 million from the school budget next year.

Before the vote, many employees pleaded with the board to reject the proposal.

"The reduction in classified employee hours will equate to a reduction in opportunity for students," said Colette Preston, a special education aide at Lincoln Middle School.

Some of the trustees fought back tears and said that, while they didn't want to make any layoffs, they had to in order to balance next years budget.

"Not one of you needs to justify your worth to this district," Trustee Janet Bledsoe Lacy told employees. "What we're doing is bad for kids. It's bad for education."

Final layoff notices won't come until May. Last year, the district issued nearly 100 layoff notices but most of the employees were brought back.

As for transportation, the district has already eliminated transportation for most middle and high school students and doesn't plan to offer it in the future.

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