Filner Asks Police to Stop Targeting Local Pot Dispensaries

Mayor Bob Filner is asking police to stop targeting pot dispensaries in San Diego.

In a statement issued Thursday night, the mayor asked the Neighborhood Code Compliance Department and Police Department to temporarily halt prosecution of city zoning code violations when it comes to medical marijuana dispensaries.

“As I made very clear during my campaign for Mayor, I support the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes and am committed to ensuring the people who legitimately need it for relief of pain are not kept from accessing it,” Filner said in his statement.

The mayor continued:

“I also want to assure the residents of San Diego that there will be the utmost safeguards surrounding these dispensaries. They will not be near schools, playgrounds or any areas where children might gather. Nor will they be allowed to infringe on the quality of life in any neighborhood. I believe that, in order to be a great city, we must also be a humane city and show compassion toward those who need help in dealing with chronic pain."

Filner says he plans to present the San Diego City Council with a new ordinance to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries soon.

On Tuesday, the mayor shared the same view on marijuana with members of the Americans for Safe Access.

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