Man Dies After Falling From Scaffolding

A man was killed on the job in Chula Vista Thursday after falling 30 feet from a forklift scaffolding onto the pavement below, a report released by the county medical examiner’s office confirmed.

According to the ME report, Kleen Blast employee Marcelino Lugo Ortega, 61, suffered a fatal accident while working in the 600 block of Moss Street.

Witnesses saw Ortega fall about 30 feet from a forklift scaffolding onto the concrete below. The scaffolding then fell off the elevated forklift and onto his body, the report said.

Despite resuscitative efforts by paramedics, Ortega’s died at the site of the accident.

According to the company website of Ortega’s employer, Kleen Blast, the company is located in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., and specializes in abrasives, resurfacing and sandblasting equipment and supplies.

The fatal fall is under investigation.

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