“Major” Mexico Cocaine Supplier Busted in SJ

South Bay law enforcement officials are showing off the fruits of a two year Monday in what is being described as one of the largest operations of its kind in South Bay history.

They piled up the results of their drug investigation on a folding table stacked three feet high with cash, cocaine and amno.
Santa Clara County DA Dolores Carr and DEA special agent in charge Anthony D. Williams said the coordinated effort broke up what they call "major players" in an organization that distributes cocaine from Mexico across the United States and into Canada.

They also arrested 14 people.

The DEA believes the drug-trafficking group is also responsible for an additional 100 kilograms of cocaine that agents seized in January.

The cash value of the total of 191 kilograms of cocaine seized is more than $5 million, according to the agency.

Agents seized 91 kilograms of cocaine, approximately $1 million in U.S. currency, night-vision goggles, three firearms and 10 automobiles.

The bust went down last Wednesday, but was made public today.

Agents executed search warrants at eight locations in Santa Clara and Alameda counties.

Various agencies participated in the effort, including the Monterey and Santa Clara County sheriffs' offices, police departments from  San Jose, Gilroy and Mountain View, the Soledad Prison K-9 Unit, California  Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In a release, Carr described the seizure as "one of the largest operations in Santa Clara County history."

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