Lyft to Launch ‘Line' Ride Share Option in San Diego

With the local launch of Lyft Line on April 15, the company’s ride share option will be available across 15 metro markets

Next time you book a ride via Lyft in San Diego, you’ll have the option to share that ride with other passengers headed in the same direction via the company’s new “Line” service.

According to Lyft spokesperson Mary Caroline Pruitt, Lyft Line will launch in San Diego on April 15. San Diego is one six cities debuting the company’s ride share option between April 11 and April 15 – Denver, Philadelphia, San Jose, Seattle and Newark are also in tow during the five-day launch.

By April 15, the service will be in 15 metropolitan markets across the U.S., Pruitt said, and the top cities with the worst traffic in the nation.

According to the company, Line is designed to help take cars off the road and match passengers heading along similar routes into the same vehicle. As a result of the ride sharing option, the cost of the ride can be split, making it cheaper for all passengers.

"Lyft's mission is to make our communities better by bringing positive change to transportation – Lyft Line is the heart of that movement," said Logan Green, Lyft co-founder and CEO in a press release.

Lyft says this latest ride sharing expansion comes on the heels of launching Lyft Carpool in California’s Bay Area, a service that helps commuters match up to share ride to work.

To learn more about Line, click here.

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