“Love Doll” Comes Between Former Partners

Matt McMullen, the owner of Abyss Creations is involved in a legal fight with a former colleague who is now making his own brand of sex dolls.

Imagine. Grown men. Fighting over a toy.

Two Southern California gents, former friends and co-workers, are battling in court over a doll -- specifically, a sex doll.

They are both North County. businessmen in the naughty business of high-end sex dolls.

Matt McMullen is the owner and fonder of Abyss Creations which has its headquarters in San Marcos. Matt Krivicke creates “Lovable Dolls” from his work space in Valley Center.

Abyss' perverted puppets are billed as the "world's finest" anatomically correct love dolls, according to the North County Times.

Now, both men are in court fighting over profits from and rights to the popular dolls.

For the most part, it's a typical corporate battle, with accusations of fraud and broken contracts, but the case also sheds light on a quirky world in which craftsmen sell life-like, silicone mannequins for the price of a used car.

Krivicke essentially ran Abyss for two years then sued last August claiming that he should have reaped more the profits. McMullen counter-sued saying Krivicke took trade secrets while he was working for Abyss.

Both deny wrongdoing. A trial is set for September.

The North County Times' full article delves deeper into the the sordid sex-doll tug of war.

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