Local Schools ShakeOut

Great California ShakeOut prepares state for earthquake

More than eight-million Californians took part in the annual "Great California Shakeout" Thursday morning -- the largest earthquake drill ever in the state.

In San Diego, more than 670-thousand people participated-- including these students from Taft Middle School, who were instructed to drop, cover, and roll.

One geology professor explained why it's important to have the shakeout drill each year.

"The shakeout thing is spreading across the nation to go to other countries, and that's probably a good testimony to its value, to have the kids grow up every year, know what to do, so when the shaking starts you're instantly protecting yourself."

And the shakeout drill couldn't have come at a better time for those in the Bay Area, after a 3.9 magnitude quake hit the San Francisco coast Thursday.

Experts say most people are injured by falling items or debris during an earthquake. They say the safest thing to do is to protect your head.

To get a plan together for your family, visit the ShakeOut website.

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